Sunday, 30 September 2012

On Dublin Street By Samantha Young

On Dublin Street Review

I have typed a review up twice for this on Goodreads but when i try to post it, it won't let me. 
Anyway, i defiantly wanted to give a review for this book, so i am posting it here. 

After reading 'On Dublin Street' I am emotionally exhausted - but in a good way.

This book made me laugh, cry, shout and at one point, put it down and stomp off in a huff at a certain line from Braden. Which certainly seemed to be the highlight of my mum's day, judging by the length of time she spent laughing at my "toddler tantrum" as she called it. Yet i still crawled back to read more.

But seriously this story was AMAZING! I don't even think that word is good enough to describe just how awesome this book is. 

I have read Samantha Young's books before, and to be honest i always compare them to her 'Tale of Lunamorte' trilogy as i just thought those books were immense. However, 'On Dublin Street' has knocked those off the top of my list. 

The characters were very well written, and Samantha always makes you interested in the supporting characters as well. I was rooting for Ellie and Adam too, and usually the supporting character's just don't interest me as much. At times i just wished someone would grab Joss and shake some sense into her, which Braden did on occasion. :-) Chick deserved it. 

At times i re-read chapters just because of how great they were. This is the first book in a while that i have actually burst out laughing at some of the things the characters come out with. 

But this is a MUST read. LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!!

I wish i could give it more than five stars because i honestly believe it deserves more.

Well done Samantha :-) 


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