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Taking Chances by Molly McAdams Review

Taking Chances by Molly McAdams Review

Chase is your mouth watering, tattooed bad boy. He is dangerously sexy and boy doesn't he know it. Scoring with more than one girl a night, he doesn't have plans to settle down.
Brandon is no good boy though, he is just as bad as Chase with a temper that would make even the bravest run. But he isn't afraid of commitment. 
Harper has lived under her fathers protective control for far too long. Finally leaving the military barracks she has lived all her life in, she sets off to discover who she is and what life is really like.

This is not one your normal 'who will she choose' stories. This is one you will never come across again! Guaranteed. 

I can't say to much about this book without giving away major plot lines of the story, but this book will take you on a roller coaster ride that you never want to come off.
Brandon and Chase are both likable and both HOT! and you find yourself rooting for both of them. Although, i have to admit overall i was team Chase the whole way. What can i say? I dig the tortured soul types. 
Most stories i have read where it is two boys competing for the girl i always tend to be one sided from the beginning and hoping the he will kick the other blokes butt. However, like i said in Taking Chances you find yourself feeling sorry for Chase and hoping he and Harper can get their happily ever after, but then also you care for Brandon, yeah he might have a temper that would send most men running for the hills, but he genuinely cares for Harper and wants the whole package. 

Just as you are starting to love both Brandon and Chase you also learn to hate them at times also. Chase with his womanizing ways and Brandon with his over bearing protectiveness. Sometimes you want Harper to leave them both!

Even at the end i couldn't decide if i was happy how it turned out and who i truly wanted Harper to be with. Even though i loved Chase i didn't know if he was the right guy for the character over Brandon, or if perhaps Brandon was too protective for Harper. 

All i can say is...READ IT!!

Word's can't describe how good this story is.


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