Sunday, 30 September 2012

Taking Chances by Loni Flowers

Taking Chances By Loni Flowers Review

Clair is running from her life. Moving from town to town, then one night she is attacked but saved from a handsome stranger Alex. 
Alex wants to help her, but she has been hurt to many times to just so easily trust someone. Can she overcome her issues and start leading her life again?

Where to start with this book?
There are so many things i could say about it, i could sit here and right positive things all night.

One of the things i have to say i loved the most was the fact that both Clair and Alex had pasts, that neither of them really wanted to admit to at first. So they were both broken characters with issues, that ended up being resolved through each other.

You understood Clair's trust issues and why she felt better off on her own. Whereas some other books i have read like this it has been dragged out too long and you just want to scream at them to get a grip. 

The chemistry Alex and Clair was excellently written and even had me blushing on more than one occasion. Any emotions the characters were going through, you were going through also, whether it be laughing, crying,  anger.  

There were really good twists that knocked you on your butt. The supporting characters were very interesting. I literally couldn't put this down until i found out how it ended. 

I would defiantly continue to read this if the story was continued. 


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