Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Tempting the Best Man BY J.Lynn Review

Madison wants to avoid Chase at all costs at her brothers wedding. 
However, there is no chance of that happening when he is the best man. 
Ever since she was a little girl she has followed Chase like a lost puppy, but he never saw her the same way. 
Then one night she almost got what she wanted, but Chase changed his mind and ever since then things have been hostile between them. 
She still has feelings for him, he still doesn't seem to reciprocate them. 
Surely she can survive a few days at a wedding with him, right?

Madison and Chase were such enjoyable to characters to read, from their comments to each other, their jealous and just hilarious situations they get themselves into. One of the things i loved the most out of this book was Chase relationship with his brothers and the way they would just be straight to the point with him. 

You just couldn't help grin like an idiot when something cute happened or blush when Madison's mom would come out with her motherly comments on Madison's love life. 

The fact that her parents were waiting for the world to end and literally prepared for it to do so was just the cherry on top. I honestly wish i knew people like them in my life, because if i did there would never be a dull moment.

Overall a fantastic read. 


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