Monday, 19 November 2012

The Crush by C.A Williams

Recently I have been reading a lot of paranormal books and decided a change was needed so I bought "The Crush" I had been eyeing this book over the last couple of months and decided just to go for it.

Please note there is swearing in this review as i am quoting some things from the book.

First off here's a short summary of what the book is about:

17 year old Wynn Wakefield feels an instant connection to Grier Daniels after moving back to the small town in Alabama where her mom grew up to finish out her senior year. But Grier is taken by the Queen Bee of the school, Lexie Brockett, who already has their wedding all planned out after graduation to become the wife of the star quarterback and her claws instantly come out when Wynn shows up. But Wynns not looking for a fight with the mess she just escaped from, boys are the last thing on her mind.

The Crush is a new adult book with some mature themes that are more suitable for 17+

One thing that confused me straight away was the descriptions Wynn gives of her mother and step father. She portrays her mother as being very proper and strict, mentioning she is not allowed to eat on the couch and also says her mother would have a "shitfest" as she is not sitting like a proper southern gal. 
Wynn then describes her step dad as someone who dotes on her, always offering to pay for things and buying her a brand new fancy car for passing her test.
However, in the first few pages of the book i feel these descriptions are completely reversed. Without giving anything away you find out pretty quickly that her step dad is horrible and her mother is very loving and dotes upon Wynn, where as in my head i had envisioned her as being very strict from the description of her. 

Circumstances make Wynn and her mother move back to Alabama where her mother was brought up. Once there she has to enroll at the local school, helps out at her families diner and falls head over heels for Grier Daniels who is already taken by the queen of the school, someone Wynn defiantly doesn't want to get on the wrong side of. 

I felt some parts of the story were unbelievable, Wynn has trust issues and doesn't like people touching her due to a tragedy that happened in her life. This doesn't stop her from getting a little touchy touchy with Grier on the beach though, which I felt was a little out of character for her. I get C.A Williams was trying to begin a romantic relationship with the two characters, but i felt like this happened to quickly. Especially since they weren't even dating at this point. 

Wynn's past doesn't stay hidden forever though and someone who she hoped never to see again turns up and puts her life through hell again, just when she thought she was getting back on her feet. 

The worst thing for me in a book is mistakes, which i am sure every other reader out there agrees with. There was a part in the book where C.A Williams refers to the wrong character, which made me re-read the paragraph a few times before i realized it was an error. Also spelling at points was very poor. At times I felt the story moved to fast and then at other parts it seemed to drag. I feel if it was structured better it would have made a huge difference to the story.

Over all it was an OK read, but nothing that I am going to remember in a few months time. 


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