Saturday, 23 February 2013

Smokeless Fire by Samantha Young

Ari was just going through the normal routine for a teenager at graduation. Worrying about what College to go to and what she really wanted to do with her life. Then her life got turned upside down when her friend invited a Genie to her 18th Birthday party. Who only turned out to be real freakin' genie!!
Swept into a world of Jinn Kings, magic and love. College is the least of Ari's worries. 

As i have mentioned many times before, the first books i read by Samantha Young were her Tale of Lunamorte series (they are awesome btw) and ever since then i have practically been stalking her other books.
However, when i came across this one and some of her other books, i read the blurb and thought they weren't my kind of thing. Genies just didn't seem appealing to me (probably because all that kept popping into my head was Aladdin) but after reading the other books i wasn't originally keen on (and turned out loving them) i decided i would defo give this a try. 
Turns out. Genies are my thing. Or perhaps its just Jai ;-) 

The thing i enjoy most about Samantha Young's books, is that her writing style is so flawless. When Sam is describing the back story to the reader, she makes sure to give you just enough information to understand it and not pile loads of facts at you. I never get lost or confused (and believe me, it's easy for that to happen) when reading one of Sam's books like i have done in others where there has just been too much explained at once. 
Ari was a great character and easy to relate to. (hell i would have freaked more than she did, but damn she did better than i would've at keep myself off Jai) 
The relationship between Jai and Ari was believable and very well written. The right things happening just at the right moments. 
Jai tries to keep his job of protecting her purely professional. But she isn't what he expected in the least, and after spending 24/7 with her, its hard not to let his feelings become more personal. 
Ari thought she had at least her love life sorted - to an extent. She was in love with her best friend Charlie, they had been inseparable as kids, but then a tragic accident changed Charlie from her loving, caring friend into someone who would rather get wasted and high than graduate high school.
Just as Ari is realizing her feelings for Jai, Charlie decides to clean up his attitude and express his feeling towards Ari.  
Like she needed anymore chaos in her life. 

A great enjoyable read, moving swiftly onto the second book. 


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