Thursday, 14 February 2013

Rebel with a Cause by Carol Arens

Bounty hunter Zane Coldridge infamous, dangerous and revered does not do distractions. He s renowned for his no-nonsense attitude, and criminals fear the day he comes knocking on their door!
But when Zane encounters Missy Lenore Devlin his resolve is swiftly tested! This ditzy yet innocently beautiful damsel in distress is on the lookout for adventure, and Zane has that in abundance.
Torn between chivalry and keeping his head in the game, Zane pulls Missy onto his horse and promises her a journey one which neither could have imagined when the sun rose over the prairie that morning!"

I can't say how much i enjoyed this book. I love how Missy was set on having an adventure and nothing was going to deter her from it. After surviving a cow eating her dress, being attacked by an outlaw, and being caught in a flood all within 24 hours, Missy is loving every moment of it, while Zane can't help but think that she may have lost her marbles somewhere along the way. 
Zane wants nothing more than to leave Missy in the nearest town and get back to work catching outlaws. But every time he leaves her, he soon finds himself turning his horse - Ace- around and going back for her. 
Muff, Missy's pup is just as adventurous as his mistress and causes enough problems himself. 
Missy decides she wants to help Zane catch the outlaw and split the bounty in half and since he can't just seem to leave her behind Zane agrees. But he has no idea what he has gotten himself into. 

This was enjoyable, a good laugh and a real page turner. LOVED IT!


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