Saturday, 23 February 2013

Marriage Most Scandalous by Johanna Lindsey

Maggie goes in search of the disowned son of her guardian, after she beings fearing for her guardians life. 
After endless searches she seeks out a mercenary, known only as The Raven, to find Sebastian only to find out that he is the Raven. Convincing him to return to England and investigate his fathers strange accidents, was the easy part. Trying not to fall in love with him - or kill him, turned out to be a lot harder. 

I had high expectations for this book after reading 'Love Only Once'
But this wasn't anything like i hoped it would be. 
The blurb defiantly made me think that this was exactly my sort of thing, but it was far from it. 
The romance between Sebastian and Maggie wasn't as believable as i felt it should have been, and to be honest i don't feel like i thought they had really fallen n love. 
At one part in the story Maggie says she has something to tell Sebastian, and then when she tries to he tells her that they can talk later. This is near the end of the book, and you never find out what it was. I thought it was perhaps she was pregnant, but that is obviously not the answer at the end of the book. So who knows what she was going to say to him.

Sadly can't give this anymore than a 3

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