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Top 6 of 2012!!

Well with the year coming to an end its time for me to choose my top 6 books of the year!!
It's taken me a few days to narrow it down to this five as there were so many to chose from. I literally could have gone to a 100 easy. 

Anyway, i'll stop rambling and get on with the list. They are in no chosen order -:

1/ On Dublin Street by Samantha Young - I think most of the world fell in love with Braden and Joss when they read this book. Personally i love it because i live not far from Edinburgh and it was the first book i have read that was based in Scotland (yay!) That wasn't the only reason though, the characters were written perfectly and you never got frustrated with them (in a bad way) and the story kept you hooked the whole way through. The secondary characters were fantastic as well. To be honest i normally forget the secondary characters ina book, but Samantha gives you enough information about them and keeps them included in the story very well, even making their personal lives effect the events of the main characters Joss and Braden, whereas in some other stories the supporting characters are mentioned then forgotten. 

2/ Once Burned : A Night Prince Novel by Jeaniene Frost - Holy smokes i loved this!! I read it about a month ago after debating with myself for sometime whether to buy it or not, then it went on offer and well, how could i refuse? Ok i will admit the model on the cover helped me decide a bit ;) But I couldn't put this book down. Leila was a strong female lead which was a nice change from the damsel in distress characters i had been reading, after being electrocuted, she passes volts of electricity into anyone she can touch, so it is a nice surprise for her when she finds Vlad isn't effected by it the way others are (burnt to a crisp normally) . Mind reading Vlad was fierce and proud, used to getting his own way. Leila is a challenge for him when she decides she is going to try and resist him as long as possible and try her best to reject her ever growing feelings for him and keep some form of independence. Vlad also helps Leila deal with some problems in her life in regards and i think at the end of the book she was stronger because of this. This was a real page turner and i have already preordered the next installment due out in March.

3/Slumber by Samantha Young -  OK so i am maybe cheating a bit by putting two Samantha Young books in this, but how could i not? Again Slumber was a book i had looked at a few times and thought it wasn't for me. But then i had liked every other book by Samantha so i decided to just get it. Well all i can say is i missed out for a LONG time. Slumber is exactly my kind of book. I loved the character of Rogan, she had gone through so much at such a young age, but she adapted. The scars and memories were still there but she didn't let them stop her life. She did however, let them remind her that Wolfe was the son of the man that had destroyed her life, and she wasn't about to like, trust or even love him anytime soon. The conversations between Wolfe and Rogan had me in stitches, i loved their little arguments, and the fact Rogan was so head strong and determined. She really hates Wolfe at the start of the book thinking he is just like his father, and doesn't realize that perhaps he hates his father too, but the more she tries to put distance between them, the longer she forces them to be together.

4/ Onyx by Jennifer L. Armentrout - How could i leave this out? Everyone knows the name Daemon Black, and the quirky one liners he makes Kat endure (wouldn't we all want to endure them) This is the second installment in the Lux series. Daemon is an alien and no not the E.T kind, we all established that in the first book. Daemon now realizes that he wants Kat, and what Daemon wants he gets. Kat however, now thinks it's just a game to him and with the DOD now watching them a relationship is the furthest thing from her mind. Pity Daemons smirks, flirty comments and those dazzling eyes can't stay out her mind. Seriously if you haven't read this series, you HAVE to. 

5/The Boy Who Sneaks in my Bedroom Window by Kirsty Moseley - I got this for a change from all the paranormal stuff i had been reading and was rather surprised how much i enjoyed it. Amber and Jake's father is abusive and every night Amber locks herself in her room and cries herself to sleep. Liam - her older brothers friend - see's this one night when they are kids and climbs through her room window to comfort her. This becomes a nightly all the way into high school. Now Liam is the schools biggest heart throb and flirt. Amber likes to keep to herself and only trust a few people due to the years of abuse she suffered from her father. Liam is one of the few people she trust completely apart from Jake, but there are things that even Jake doesn't know. Soon she starts to realize that Liam see's her differently that just a friend and that perhaps she see's him as more too. The book doesn't go into a lot of detail about the abuse from her father, i don't think i would have been able to read it if it had. Kirsty writes enough so you know he was a horrible man and not too much to put you off it. I love this book and was rooting for Liam and Amber the whole way. But their relationship isn't an easy one, and they have their own heartbreak to work through.

6/ The Wild Ones - Michelle Leighton - Cami was a rich girl living on her father ranch. Trick has to take work wherever he can to look after her mother and sister after his dad died. He begins working on the ranch and once he meets Cami he is a goner. But he needs this job and he can't risk getting hot and heavy with the boss's daughter. As Trick and Cami become friends, he finds it harder and harder to keep his hands off her. Then Tricks mother meets Cami and wanrs him away from her and tells him she never wants to see Cami inher house again. When secrets come out about Tricks fathers involvement with Cami's family things start to make sense to Trick why Trick should stay away from them. This was one of the hottest novels of the summer and some scenes you'll need a fan to read with. 

Books i read this year but weren't released in 2012 : 

I read a few books this year that i loved but were released a few years ago but still had to give them a mention, as their awesome!

Perfect Chemistry - Simone Elkeles
Bait - Annie Nicholas 
Rock Me - Cherrie Lynn  
Taking Chances - Loni Flowers


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