Thursday, 24 January 2013

Far After Gold by Jen Black

I have not long finished this ebook and i must say i loved every page!!
Over the past few months i have started reading different genres than what i normally would.
This being one of them
The book moved at a very good pace and was well written. I never found myself lost or confused in a viking man's world.
In the first chapter we meet Emer who has been kidnapped from her home by vikings and sold to a slave market. 
Flane comes to the slave market with the chief of his people and buys Emer against the chief's advice. Even Flane doesn't know what made Emer capture his attention, but taking her for a bed slave seems like the best idea.
Emer has no intentions of becoming someones bed slave, her mother told her the reputation of these ladies and being the daughter of well breeding she doesn't intend to have her reputation ruined.
There is no smooth sailing however, Emer doesn't know the way home and she can't just make out of her own when she doesn't even know where she is and what danger lies outwith the holding. She also has to deal with Katla - Flane's unwanted fiancee - jealousy and the horrid tasks she gives her. Katla believes that Emer is going to take Flane away from her and that Flane has even fallen in love with her. 
Flane becomes frustrated that the young slave who he can't seem to take his mind off not only refuses to become his bed slave, but also speaks to him with no respect and publicly disobeys him, yet he can't seem to punish her for this behavior and even goes so far as to protect her from the other men. If he chooses her he loses his future position as the leader of the holding and perhaps even his home and the only family he has ever known.

This story was full of adventure, action and romance and for the price it is a real bargain!! 


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