Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Wanted By Kelly Elliott

Spoilers within Review!

Verbally abused by her mother for years, 18-year-old Ellie Johnson always believed she would never be loved or wanted by anyone. She focused all of her attention on her grades and getting into the University of Texas to start a new life away from her mother. 

The last thing Ellie expected was to fall in love with Gunner Mathews, a starting linebacker for the University of Texas football team and not to mention, her brother's best friend. 

Gunner only has two passions in life, football and his grandfather’s ranch, until he falls for his best friends little sister. He will stop at nothing to show Ellie how much he wants her, even if it means he has to move faster than she would like. 

Gunner knows they are meant to be together forever, but Ellie keeps denying her feelings out of fear of being hurt again. Every time he gets close to winning her love, something pushes her away again. Will Ellie ever be able to let go of the past and let him into her heart, and will Gunner be patient enough to wait for her? 

What will it take for them to realize they are all each other have ever WANTED?

I noticed on a Facebook post that this book was now free. The blurb sounded good so I decided to download it. 
I have to admit though that I have given up on it as of Chapter 9.
There were a few things that i didn't like about this book. 
The first being that Jefferson and Ellie and brother and sister, and due to their terrible upbringing by an alcoholic mother they are pretty close siblings.
However, at times I felt like there relationship was just too close for siblings.
Some examples are : 

  1. Jefferson calls Ellie honey. A whole damn lot. 
  2. In one chapter he lifts her hand and kisses it! (yes, kisses it! I'm sure it's the back of the hand as well)
  3. Ellie says (in chapter 3 i think) that Jefferson is "the most handsome man" she had ever seen (girl that's your brother!)

One of the other let downs of the book was that the first few chapters are repetitive as well. You get one chapter from Ellie's point of view. Then you get the same chapter from Gunners point of view. So you are re-reading all the same dialogue again, the only thing that is new is you see what Gunner and Jefferson were doing before coming to save Ellie and you get to hear Gunners feelings. The chapter from his point of view was just not needed i felt. Would have perhaps been good as a bonus scene at the end or on the authors website. 

Another thing that bothered me was that i was on chapter 9 and the book was still on the same afternoon/night. You hadn't even read on to the next day yet, so to me, the book was just going far too slow.

It is constantly shoved down your throat that Jefferson is major protective of his sister and has kicked guys asses before because of the way they have treated Ellie. Ellie tells you this, Ari, Ellies friend tells you this. Then you hear from Gunners POV how many times Jefferson has threatened bodily harm to any of his friends if they try it on with his sister, and has even gone to the extent of not even letting any of them meet his sister. Including Gunner his best friend of 3 years whom he lives with. Then on the first day (as stated the only day I read about in the book) Ellies boyfriend gets caught cheating and she punches him in the face, majorly hurting her hand and Jefferson and Gunner have to take her to hospital. 
Gunner realizes he is head over heels for a gal he has known only a matter of hours, and tells Jefferson he is attracted to his sister and after all the protectiveness crap you have had to read and hear about time and time again, Jefferson is okay with it!! (What the heck!?).
His reason being that Gunner is the only guy he would trust with his sister. Which doesn't explain why he has let the guy meet her in 3 years!

As far as Gunner is concerned you get told many times (again in the same day within the book) that he has an erection at the slightest thing Ellie does. I am sure it was mentioned 6 or 7 times at least that he was turned on because she smiled or ate or blinked! He even has to leave the room on a few occasions because of it.

All in all the only thing i am happy with about this book was that it was free. The book has just been re-edited as of 2015 so i dread to see what the old edited edition was like

I started writing this review with an idea of 3 stars as the rating but after thinking more of the book and the things that bothered me with it. The rating has dropped to 1.5

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