Sunday, 8 February 2015

Hero by Samantha Young

"Caine Carraway in a business suit was gorgeous. Caine Carraway out of a suit was sexy as hell."

What a roller coaster of emotions this book takes you through.
At times I think I was more in love with Caine than Alexa and then other times all I wanted to do was knock some sense into him.

Caine doesn't think her deserves love or happiness due to decisions he has made in his past. The last person he was expecting to change this was Alexa Holland, the girls whose father ruined his life and started him on his journey of being alone.

Samantha writes this book beautifully. The book takes you through every emotion imaginable, pain, hurt, loss, love, laughter, regret, but you never feel overcome by them as there is humor placed at just the correct moments. 

The chemistry between Caine and Alexa is so well written and she was the perfect counter for his dominant male attitude. One of the main things I enjoyed about their relationship was that she pulled him up if he was out of order or crossed the line and the outcomes were very entertaining.

Caine is the first character I have read who I seriously think could over take Braden from On Dublin Street and we all know how much he is adored by Samantha's readers. I still can't decide which one I like best. It would be seriously epic just to sit them two down and see how they interact with one another. 

I have to say though my favorite character was Effie, the elderly neighbor who lives next to Caine. 
She was just hysterical and eccentric. Delivering humor at the right moments. Some of the things she came out with made me laugh out loud.

"Don't," I pleaded. "He told me to my face that he doesn't love me. I don't need false hope from you."
Effie scowled. "No, you need a swift kick up the ass."

If you are a fan of Samantha Young's On Dublin Street series, then you will definitely love Hero this is a book you just don't want to end.

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