Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The Light of the World by Tara Brown

Light series book 1

To be honest, i don't know where to start with this one.
For me, it was bad. I only made it to chapter 6 and then gave up.

We are introduced to Rayne at the start of the book who is starting college against her hippie mothers wishes. 
Due to her mothers beliefs Rayne doesn't smoke, drink and has been warned to stay away from boys.

When Rayne first arrives at college her mothers senses a bad aura so goes around cleansing the halls and gets other students to meditate, which i thought was quite entertaining. Rayne also meets her room-mate (who's name i can't remember) who the author repeatedly refers to being a body double of Blair from Gossip Girl. Which is why i most likely can't remember the characters real name. Fair enough mentioning the similarity the character has to an actress, but within 6 chapters this is mentioned at least once in every chapter. The room-mate often being referred to as 'Gossip Girl' or 'Blair Waldorf's stuntwomen' for me it was just a little OTT. 

One of the characters that i loved was Michelle. Rayne knew Michelle from high school but back then she was known as Michael before her sex change. I have never come across this in a book before so really liked this idea in the book. However, Michelle's outrageous antics and hilarious behavior still wasn't enough for me to continue this story.

Some of the main points i have regarding the problems of this story are :
  1. Rayne meets a boy (can't remember if his name had been mentioned by chapter 6, or if again i have just forgotten it) she falls in love at first sight but holds back because something tells her he's dangerous, and whenever he is around she gets pains in her stomach. I understand that this is something that was going to be developed more in the book, but seemed like a weak reason. 
  2. Chapter 5, Rayne is still a virgin, has no plans to lose her virginity, but because she keeps pushing the guy away and is quite mean to him when he is trying to help her - especially when she gets herself plastered in a club. She is feeling bad about herself because of a run in with said guy. Then Chapter 6 hits, Rayne is no longer a virgin and has not only slept with one guy but seems to be getting a few notches on her own bed post. (WTF! moment)
  3. It is then stated that the guy she lost her virginity to - a character we haven't met previously - has been attacked. Her mother calls her as she can sense something has changed in Rayne, but without picking up on the sex thing she says she knows Rayne has eaten meat.
Overall, it felt like two different stories that had been plastered together. I actually though i had missed a chapter and back tracked, but i hadn't.
Rayne is very determined in what she wants at college as it is the first time she has been away from her over-protective mother, and without warning that all changes without any build up.
I get the feeling that this is something the author started writing, stopped for a while and then went back to it, but without re-reading what she had already written, as the characters personalities just seem to change like it's a different book being written. 

I'm not even going to give this one star, as i think that is too much for this.

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