Sunday, 17 November 2013

Cloak and Dagger (THE IMA) by Nenia Campbell

"They plan to kill us both."

I came across Cloak and Dagger in a discussion on Goodreads, when someone recommend I read it. 
I shall have to thank them immensely! 

When we meet Christina Parker her main worries in life are getting through high school and trying to forget the mean things her mom says about her weight. 
Unbeknownst to Christina her dad has hacked into the files of an organization of mercenaries called the IMA. The IMA is so powerful even the government denies it exists. 
Thinking the IMA will come after them, Christina's parents leave her home alone under the pretense that they are going on a holiday.
Christina isn't so lucky.
Michael Boutilier is the best and always gets results. He kidnaps Christina from her family home and holds her hostage in a safe house for months. 
But even Michael is being tested by the IMA who believe he plans to take over and run the organization himself.

This book was beautiful. Christina wasn't a girl who was going to give up and even though she was scared she fought back against her captors even when the odds were stacked against her. It was a refreshing change from heroines who just hide in a corner until the storm passes.

Michael is one of the most intriguing characters i have read this year.
Yes, he's hot.
Yes, he has his softer moments.
But the reader never forgets what Michael is . A killer.
What I liked most about his relationship with Christina is you understand where it developed from and the author didn't make Christina try and justify Michael actions to the read. Christina knows what Michael is capable of and fears him along with her growing attraction to him. Understanding, that he is her best option to staying alive, but knowing she is alive only because he wishes it.
Michael also knows what he is. He isn't the torn soul trying to do good but keeps doing bad. He's an assassin and has killed men. There is blood on his hands and if he has to he will kill again without hesitation. 

Normally when reading a series i never go from one book to the next, as i feel it can make the two stories seem like one long never ending one. Saying this, i have already ordered the sequel Armed and Dangerous on paper back.

There are only two things i can really fault with this story.
  1. It needs to be professionally edited. The story is let down slightly by the amount of spelling and grammar errors. 
  2. The one things about the story that confused me is Christina saves her parents when they are trapped on an Island, but it doesn't tell you how Christinas parents escaped the Island. Michael and Christina escaped on one of the boats that Michael had to hot wire. So did her parents do the same?

Overall though this was an amazing story and one i can't wait to continue. I'm already dreading it ending and i have two more books in this series to read!!

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I just want to leave you with some quotes i have saved from the book.

"There are two things about me you should know. 
Don't fight me, unless you're prepared to kill me.
And don't kiss me, unless you prepared to fuck me." - Michael

"Have you ever fired a gun before?" I queried already knowing what the answer would be. 
"Do you want to learn?"
"Let me rephrase that, then. You're going to learn."

"You think you fucking know me? I'm an assassin. I kill people for a living. Good people, bad people, it makes no difference to me as long as I get paid." I spoke slowly, giving each word time to sink in. "And that girl you just sold out? She's the only thing in this world that makes me even remotely human."

"You told me you loved me." 
I shook my head. "I said emotions make people weak, too. Fucking look at me now. Look at you. Look what love gave us. You're worth ten of me."

"If you care about him, and yourself, you'll let him go. Some people...Truly aren't meant to be together."

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