Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Extinguish by J.M. Darhower

"Give in to it, angel"

You know how sometimes you find a book, and even after finishing it you just can't let it go? Well this is one of those books. 
Reading about this book I knew I would like it, but never to this extent.
We meet Serah, who is an angel that has chosen to look over children, make sure the evil of the world doesn't taint them. Until she's sent on a mission that seems impossible. Convince Satan to agree to peace. 
Going to the gates of hell she finds Satan isn't what she thought he would be at all. He's no monster or devil figure like in the stories, he's a man. A man that you just can't take your mind off either because he's so infuriating or because he makes you see things in a new way. 
Perhaps he's not as evil as everyone makes him out to be. Or is he more evil that anyone ever imagined?

I loved Lucifer and I have to admit, if there is a Hell and Heaven, well if Satan is anything like this Lucifer I'm all for hell....as long as i get to stay in the castle with him though. Fire pits aren't really my thing. And yes there are fire pits. 
As a character Lucifer wasn't what i expected either. I was expecting rude, evil and thought i would probably hate him, and while he is rude and evil, he's also cocky and arrogant in the most brilliant way. The things he says had me in stitches and was a perfect counter character for the Serah who was all believing and innocent. Been even Lucifer can make the most patient angel lose patience. 

Lucifer she screamed. I'm coming for you. 
"I'll be a son of a bitch," he said, unable to stop the smile from turning the corner of his lips.'

"You're unbearbale." 
"You're cute yourself, angel."

 The romance feature of this was perfectly written. Serah finds herself unwilling attracted to Lucifer, but him being Satan and her being an angel isn't the only problem. Serah is the lover the of Archangel Michael, Lucifer's once brother. Trying to convince herself she still loves Michael and her feelings for Lucifer are just a figment of her imagination doesn't work for long. Especially when she starts to see more good in Lucifer than bad. 

'I see beauty and goodness in everything - even you, Luce. And as long as that's there, I can never turn away from it.'

 Can Satan love? Lucifer didn't think so, he believed all the goodness was taken from him when his own brother cast him into the pits of hell for eternity. But there is something about Serah that he just can't ignore. Her stubbornness to continue to come to the gates of hell everyday and beg him for peace when he has denied her every time, and not been the nicest about it. Her hell bent loyalty to her faith and beliefs. Even with the world falling around her, she believes he will still save it in the end. He wants her, more than he even realized himself. She wants him and he knows it, no matter how much she says different, he can sense it, smell it, fell it from her. And when he touches her, he can feel her surrendering to his touch. 

'his hand ran down her neck, trailing along her chest, between her breasts. "Tell me you feel nothing from that. I fucking dare you."'

Seven thousand years he waited to take his revenge on the world, on the angels and release the darkness of hell. Now he has that chance, now he can be free from his imprisonment and take the revenge on Michael. But at what cost? Perhaps even the devil can repent.
This was beautifully written and I just couldn't put it down until i knew how it ended and i still can't believe how it ended. Anxiously awaiting the sequel!!

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