Thursday, 30 May 2013

Phoenix's Heart by Khelsey Jackson


I am really sad to say this, but this book was a big disappointment. It had been on my 'to read list' for quite some time, so i decided to buy it. To be honest i wish i had read the reviews for it first, as many of them seem to have the same view as myself.

For me, the book seemed to take forever to get started and then everything seemed to happen at once.
Jennifer has already met Phoenix by page 2 and sleeps with him by 4 or something. Because the blurb explained that it was about a pregnancy from a one night stand, i did expect her to sleep with him very early on. But again it just all seemed to fast. We barely know anything about Jenny at this point.

The grammar in the book is atrocious. Seriously, it's almost like the author didn't even proof read it herself, and if this has been professionally edited, I would be asking for my money back.
Sometimes the author referred to a 'she' when it should have been a 'he', and some words were just spelt wrong altogether. In truth i can't remember one page that didn't have a grammar issue on it.

Parts of the story were really unbelievable. At times i was getting so annoyed at the cringe worthy romance. Phoenix calling her darling all the time and saying how much she means to him, but then saying he could never love her, then proposing multiple times because he thinks its the right thing to do, and saying he can't live without her.
Also it turns out Phoenix is an incubus (a demon who needs sex to survive, as he feeds off the person he is having sex with), therefore, the babies will grow faster than a normal human pregnancy, so she goes from being 10 weeks pregnant, but measuring at 17 weeks, to being told she will be having the babies in a matter of days. I would like to point out that it states she is still not showing at this time. Then she gets a small bump, then wakes up to having a huge bump, and she is getting ready to go to work like no one is going to notice!
Another thing that confused the hell out of me, is that it clearly states that he used protection but ten weeks later she is pregnant. I know things like that aren't a hundred percent, but i feel like something could have been added in here to make it more understandable. Oh, well also find out that Jennifer's dead mom was a fallen Angel, so Jennifer is half Angel, Phoenix's doctor friend picked up on that, but not Phoenix, which is not explained.
Another thing that just didn't make sense to me was at the beginning of the book Jennifer and Megan's apartment gets broken into and whoever did it also murdered their cat. This never gets mentioned again, then later when you find out about Jennifer's birth mom, it turns out she was murdered by someone but you don't find out anything else. 

Jennifer tells her friend Megan what Phoenix is and she acts like it is nothing. But then Jennifer wakes up in the middle of the night to find Megan packing. Megan says she feels evil from Phoenix and can't stay, only to return a few days later and apologize for leaving! Again, confusing.

Then at the end, Jennifer goes to Phoenix's house, after a pregnancy scare, to find his kissing another woman. She says she will stay if he tells her he loves her, which he says he can't as he can't love anyone. Jenny leaves and goes into labor when she gets home, her friend/roommate, phones Phoenix and tells him. Phoenix then realizes he loves Jenny, but says later that he only realized this because her friend Megan shouted at him (what the hell!?) Anyway, Jenny has the babies and forgives him (even though her ex-boyfriend of four years cheated on her and she told Phoenix she couldn't do that again) and they live happily ever after

Overall, i think this book had the potential to be something great. But it just feels like something the author wrote in one night and published. I wouldn't recommend this book.

Two stars at a push

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